Are you a DIY bride with craft projects that need finished? Busy bride that needs help with little tasks like addressing envelopes? Confused bride that just needs help figuring out where to start? As an up-and-coming wedding planner, I’m ready to help you organize all the details and wrap them up with a big sparkly bow before the big day! I’d love to sit down with you and figure out how we can make planning your perfect day stress-free and fun.


Fashion trends and make-up finds? Yep I'm about that. Cute Etsy shops? Yep, those too. Workouts and new recipes? Most days. Local businesses and restaurants? Love exploring those (emphasis on restaurants). Career and adulting advice? I guess those are things I should do too. Travel? My heart. Weddings and events? My goals. Come here for inspiration, a laugh, a virtual hug, or just a coffee/wine break! Cause I'll be drinking both.

About Me

Hello there! My name is Sara and I'm so excited you've made it here! I started this beautiful, exciting, terrifying adventure into the world of blogging and event planning to go out and find my happy. I love writing and weddings with a huge part of my being, and if something makes you feel something - like goosebumps, happy tears, deep down in your bones something - shouldn't you be doing that something for the rest of your life?